Lithuania expands DTT network with Net Insight Nimbra platform

Net Insight, the Swedish vendor of scalable video transport systems for media, IP and broadcast networks, has received an expansion order for Lithuanian Radio and Television Center’s DTT TV network following original deployment in 2006. Lithuanian Radio and Television Center (Telecentras) is a nationwide Lithuanian telecommunications company that owns two major radio and TV broadcasting networks for terrestrial analog and digital broadcasting (DVB-T) as well as 4G mobile WIMAX. Telecentras selected Net Insight's Nimbra platform for its DTT network in 2006, expanding this in 2007 to transport TV signals from national broadcasters via optical fiber and radio links to the transmitter sites located across the country.

The new order covers further expansion of the DTT network using advanced core infrastructure, including IP/Ethernet trunk modules for enhanced multiservice operation, and Nimbra Vision, a tool for operation and management of the Nimbra network.

The Nimbra equipment is mainly used to transport ASI streams between DVB-T headends and DVB-T transmitters. It is also used to carry services as PDH, SDH, mobile WIMAX and fixed broadband Internet. The Nimbra offers QoS, security and reliability for Telecentras’ video, voice and data transport.