Litepanels now powered by 3-Hour Lithium battery

Litepanels now offers a new 3-Hour Lithium-Ion battery for its Litepanels 1x1 LED light. With the Litepanels Li-Ion Battery, users of the 1x1 have an integrated power source that's as versatile and lightweight as the light itself.

The new battery mounts on the back of the light to provide up to three hours of run time. With a thickness of 1in and an overall size of 3.5inx11in, and weighing less than two pounds, the ultra-thin power source enables the light to be positioned virtually anywhere. In addition, Litepanels' charger unit restores the battery to 80 percent capacity in little more than an hour.

The Lithium-Ion 3 Hour Battery also works with the new Litepanels Ringlite Mini. For more information, visit