LINK: Sources Say FCC Is Dropping Dynamic Reserve Pricing

WASHINGTON—According to a source familiar with meetings Wednesday (June 17) between various spectrum auction stakeholders and FCC staffers, the FCC plans to drop dynamic reserve pricing, an approach to TV station pricing in the incentive auction that broadcasters had argued would artificially lower their payouts.

The FCC is also planning to stick with 30 MHz in the spectrum reserve for competitive carriers in the forward auction, rather than the 40 MHz some—notably T-Mobile—had been pushing for.

It will vote on the auction structure rulemaking proposal, as well as the spectrum holdings public notice, at the July 16 public meeting.

Broadcasters have also been given the signal that they will get more information about the auction within rounds, with the FCC letting them know how close they are to reaching the FCC’s final price for their spectrum. (See the rest of John Eggerton's story at B&C.)