Lingering Confusion Not Blunting HD Interest

Despite continuing confusion over the various options afforded to them when it comes to HD, American consumers continue to voice an overwhelming preference for purchasing HD sets to see for themselves what all the fuss is about.

According to a newly released survey for the Hitachi Consumer Group by KRC Research, 78 percent of 1,055 consumers surveyed by phone in May voiced a preference for obtaining an HD set as soon as they are able. The survey also reinforced findings in various other studies that found women are often the key decisionmakers in a majority of DTV purchases, according to Marketing Daily.

Still, about 70 percent of female consumers say they are confused by the options--compared to about 50 percent of men. The Hitachi group, based in San Diego, said that, overall, about two-thirds of consumers surveyed “would not be comfortable” having to explain the variety of HD options and technologies currently in the marketplace.