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Linear Acoustic Provides Audio Control for Olympics

To assist NBC’s coverage of the 2010 Winter Games from Vancouver, Linear Acoustic was called on to supply their AERO.qc audio quality controllers. Controllers were installed in a total of 24 areas including mixing suites, master control stations, signal transmission locations and event venues.

The technology is useful in monitoring average loudness, current loudness and loudness levels during the course of the program.

Audio is mixed at each venue, so the feed provided to the IBC is ready to air. Mixers at the IBC were then tasked with ensuring loudness levels were matched across all venues

The AERO.qc utilizes a multicolored display, signifying with audio is above a comfortable range (red), below it (blue) or within it (green), enabling quick spot checks. A colored running graph displays up to 20 minutes of loudness history, providing overall levels and the ability to adjust accordingly if needed,