LG Unwraps 1080p LCD With DVR

LG Electronics has begun rolling out 37- and 42-inch 1080p HD liquid crystal display units to complement its current 47- and 55-inch models. The two-megapixel "full HD" panels offer images that LG (and its other brand, Zenith) said is about double the clarity of "traditional" HD sets (translation: 1080i and 720p).

The newly released, smaller monitors are quipped with a 250 GB hard disc that automatically records for 2 hours as soon as the set is turned on (that's how its "instant playback" feature works). The DVR can store up to 92 hours of standard definition video.

The panels can display 5.4 trillion colors that more accurately replicate natural colors than its previous models. The new LGE units are about 10 percent more expensive than similar-sized 1080i and 720p LCD HD sets, the company said.