LG: Enhanced Ads Boost Purchases

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With recession fears wreaking havoc on ad budgets, a new survey from LG Ad Solutions suggests that there are ways of making those budgets more efficient by using enhanced ads to boost the chances of a consumer buying a brand’s product.  

The survey found that nearly half of all consumers are likely to engage with enhanced TV ads, with 94% saying they are more likely to buy brands using enhanced ads. Examples of enhanced ads include those with dynamic QR codes or ads that change messaging based on time of day, are location specific or are weather triggered. 

According to on-line research conducted by LG Ad Solutions among 807 consumers, projectable to the US population, 82% of consumers say they like enhanced ads overall with 93% saying they feel favorably towards brands that utilize enhanced ads.

Additional findings from the research include:

  • 94% of consumers feel the same or more favorable towards brands that leverage QR codes with the same number reporting being more likely to buy/use those brands.
  • 95% feel the same or are more likely to be favorable towards brands that display the location of the store closest to them with 92% feeling the same towards or more likely to buy/use those brands.
  • 72% of consumers like ads that take into consideration the current weather in their city. 94% feel the same or more likely to be favorable towards a brand that utilizes contextual ads based on the weather in their area and 92% feel that same or more likely to buy/use those brands.
  • 72% like enhanced ads showing real-time sports scores, countdown to games/events and team-match ups and 64% report being more likely to engage with these types of ads. In fact, they are more likely to drive sales: 95% feel the same towards or more likely to buy/use those brands.
George Winslow

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