LG Electronics Joins CableLabs to Develop Conditional Access Devices

With an eye toward the coming generation of two-way interactive TV devices, Korean electronics giant LG Electronics has teamed up with CableLabs to create consumer electronics gear with downloadable conditional access technology.

Downloadable conditional access allows cable operators to download their own conditional access systems to devices connected to the cable network. DCAS (downloadable conditional access systems) are designed to operate with interactive cable set-top boxes as well as integrated DTVs and other retail devices with "special chips," according to LG and CableLabs. The DCAS agreement is available to any consumer electronics manufacturer on a nondiscriminatory basis.

"Our work with CableLabs and key partners in the cable and conditional access technology industries will offer more consumer choices in next-generation two-way devices, and complements LG's development efforts for cutting-edge interactive cable products," said Dr. H.G. Lee, president and CTO of LG Electronics.