LG Announces 'Sixth-Generation' DTV Chipset

If you've read reports from me and others praising the performance of LG's fifth-generation ATSC VSB demodulator chipset, you may be surprised to learn that LG released a sixth-generation chipset on Dec. 27. The new chipset is 40 percent smaller than fifth generation design and consumes about 30 percent less power. LG said the sixth-generation chipset boosts receiver performance by 30 percent compared to the fifth-generation design and is particularly effective in eliminating multipath.

Choon Lee, vice president and head of LG Electronics' Digital TV Research Lab said, "Our newest digital television receiver chipset has the best reception in the industry and will play a key role in popularizing digital television and digital broadcasting. This sixth generation chipset once again proves LG's leadership in the digital TV business by setting a higher standard in digital broadcast receiver chipset."

The company did not indicate when the sixth-generation chip would start appearing in DTV tuners, simply stating that it would be integrated into DTV sets sold in the United States, Korea and Canada and that LG planned to supply this chipset to DTV makers around the world.