Less spending affected vendors

Last week, I wrote an article about how the recession impacted the technology budgets of broadcasters and other purchasers of broadcast technology products.

Results showed that broadcast technology spending in the EMEA held up better than in the Americas, which were hit particularly hard by the recession. For example, 40 percent of respondents from the Americas reported that their budgets for 2010 were lower than in the previous year.

So how did this reduction in spending affect the sales of vendors who supply hardware and software products to these customers?

To find out, we asked almost 800 broadcast technology vendors who participated in the 2010 Big Broadcast Survey how their company’s revenues had changed over the past year in terms of percentage growth or decline.

On an overall basis, 45 percent of vendors reported that their sales had either declined or stayed the same versus the previous year, and about half of respondents reported that their sales had increased — significantly in some cases.

When I saw these results, I wanted to know the details behind them so I could figure out if one type of vendor fared better than others, and, if so, what the determining factors were.

For example, was company size a factor? How about location, type of products sold or whether the vendor is a “pure-play” broadcast company or a one that operates in multiple markets including broadcast? Based on these questions, I decided to break out the results by a variety of demographic factors, as shown in the accompanying chart.

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