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Leitch Technology introduces DTP all-MPEG-2 stream manipulator

Leitch Technology has unveiled its new all-MPEG-2 stream manipulation product line, the Digital Turnaround Processor (DTP).

Providing motion logo support without decoding and re-encoding MPEG-2 streams, the Digital Turnaround Processor allows broadcasters to overlay graphics/logos on pre-compressed, high-definition and standard-definition streams inexpensively and with superior video quality.

With multiple U.S. patents issued and pending for this technology, the DTP represents the second generation of all-MPEG-2 processing products leveraging the ongoing success of Leitch's AgileVision product line.

With the DTP, a remotely encoded DTV signal can be localized with such applications as motion logo overlays, Emergency Alert Systems, crawls, advertisement tag overlays, clock overlays, stock information, and local weather and news. This allows broadcasters to derive additional revenue from national content by localizing it and making it more relevant to local audiences.

By performing all-MPEG-2 manipulation to handle multicast DTV transmission to the home at prices equivalent to one HD real-time encoder, the DTP drastically reduces the cost of deployment where various master control and compression functions are needed.

Ongoing transmission costs can also be reduced by distributing streams to local stations at lower bit rates due to the DTP's ability to process the streams without having to decode and re-encode.

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