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Leitch introduces new VelocityQ NLE

Leitch has unveiled the VelocityQ 2x4, a new model of its VelocityQ multi-stream nonlinear editing system.

Like the existing model of VelocityQ (now also known as the VelocityQ 4x4), the VelocityQ 2x4 combines the Velocity software interface with the Quattrus multi-stream real-time hardware, forming a multi-layer nonlinear system. Both models feature real-time, full-quality playback of four streams of video—in any combination of compressed or uncompressed—and up to six graphics streams.

The VelocityQ 4x4 features the Q3DX4 quad-channel 3D DVE module, enabling four channels of simultaneous real-time 3D effects, including perspectives, warps and rotations. The new VelocityQ 2x4 model features Q3DX2 dual-channel 3D DVE, providing two simultaneous channels of these effects.

While the VelocityQ 4x4 offers an optional rackmountable audio/video breakout box, I/O connections to the VelocityQ 2x4 are provided through the included breakout cable. Beyond the breakout box and the effects capabilities of the respective DVE modules, the new VelocityQ 2x4 and the existing VelocityQ (4x4) are functionally and technically identical.

VelocityQ 2x4 is available as a boardset-and-software bundle for installation into a Windows 2000 or Windows XP workstation, while VelocityQ 4x4 is available as a boardset-and-software bundle or as a fully integrated, "ready to run" turnkey solution.

At NAB2004 Leitch will demonstrate VelocityQ as well as a high-definition version of Velocity that features an enhanced timeline that adds performance to many of the same Leitch NLE attributes and features.

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