Lawo merges DAW plug-ins and mixing consoles

At the recent NAB and AES Vienna conventions, Lawo demonstrated its complete integration of DAW plug-ins for its large-format digital audio mixing consoles with its Windows-based Lawo Plugin Host (LPH). This innovation allows users the full benefit of the world of DAW plug-in tools and sounds via regular mixing console controls. With this advance, Lawo has succeeded in merging the distinct worlds of mixing consoles and digital audio workstations.

The Lawo-developed technology is controlled directly by the mixing console. The LPH assigns the tielines required for the triggered plug-ins to the mc² HD Core, which, in turn, establishes the required plug-in channels at the console, where they appear automatically on the GUI matrix screen. The LPH software is compatible with both the mc290 and mc266. The mixing console imports the plug-in parameters in the same way as console-based EQ or dynamics parameters are assigned, including all parameter settings, which can be stored in snapshots or automation mixes.

Plug-in parameters can be recalled together with the entire console’s normal audio settings, either statically using snapshots or dynamically with the automation data. This results in complete amalgamation of the previously separate mixing console and DAW domains with extremely low latency.

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