Lawo Audio Console Educates at Leipzig University

RASTATT, GERMANY—Leipzig University has a new addition to its classrooms in the form of Lawo’s mc236 audio production console. The German-based university installed the Lawo console in the fall of 2016 to provide a professional-grade product for its students to train on.

The 24-fader mc236 has an integrated Waves SoundGrid server that enables access to real-time signal processing options, as well as those provided by the console’s internal DSP engine. This gives students the ability to control reverbs, multi-tap delays, graphic equalizers and multi-band compressors from the console’s keyboard and touchscreen. The mc236 is also equipped with Ravenna/AES67 technology to be integrated into IP infrastructures.

The Lawo system is set up in the school’s Video Studio with the ability to control all audio signals.

In addition, Leipzig adopted Lawo’s mc2 compact I/O stagebox, which provides an additional 32 mic/line inputs, 32 line outputs, eight digital AES3 inputs, eight digital AES3 outputs, eight GPIOs, one Ravenna port and one MADI tie-line port. A Lawo V_pro8 toolbox for processing HD-SDI video and embedding/de-embedding accompanying audio has also been added.