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Latin America to Demonstrate UHD Delivery With Harmonic

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Latin America will get a taste of UHD thanks to telecommunications operator Claro Chile working with Harmonic to offer an end-to-end UHD delivery demonstration through Claro Chile’s distribution network. The UHD demo channel that will be delivered on Sony UHD TV sets will be the first in Chile, according to Harmonic’s press release.

Still from NASA TV UHD

To help power the demonstration, Claro Chile is utilizing Harmonic’s Electra X3 media processor, featuring live, full-frame, full-GOP UHD encoding. The X3 is powered by Harmonic’s PURE Compression Engine and enables high video quality at minimum bandwidth, says Harmonic.

Content for the demo channel will come from NASA TV UHD, which Harmonic launched with NASA in November of 2015. The press release stipulates that the demo channel will be available for the next few months, but does not give a definitive time range.