Latens CAS complies with FCC security requirement

Latens Systems, a provider of conditional access software, announced a downloadable conditional access system that upholds the FCC requirement for the U.S. cable market to provisional set-top boxes with a severable security component.

The company said that the conditional access software could secure all U.S. cable operators, whatever architecture they deploy. The technology works with both two-way cable networks and for those without a return path.

According to the FCC, beginning on July 1, 2007, no multichannel video programming distributor will be allowed to market new navigation devices for sale, lease or use that perform both conditional access and other functions in a single operated device.

On Jan. 10, the FCC announced a clarification of the ruling: "A downloadable security or other similar solution provides for common reliance; as contemplated herein, we would consider the box to have a severable security component."

Latens has a suite of CAS solutions for cable operators suitable for pure cable or cable/IP implementations, including: Latens CAS, a scalable DCAS for two-way cable networks; Latens BCAS, a scalable DCAS for one-way cable networks; and Latens IPCAS & FCAS, for IPTV networks.

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