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Larger plasma TVs see growth but overall segment declines, says Quixel Research

Plasma TVs, which have long found less favor among consumers than LCD sets, enjoyed a bright spot from 2011 to 2012 with the segment of the plasma market that includes displays 60in and larger growing almost 70 percent, according to newly released data from Quixel Research.

According to Quixel Research’s “Large Area Display Report (LAD) Market Review,” revenue from plasma TVs 60in and larger grew 53 percent during the same period. The report also reveals that 40 percent of all HDTVs 40in and above were plasma TVs.

In the fourth quarter of 2012, plasma TVs accounted for about 1 million units, an increase from the preceding quarter. However, when all sizes are taken into account, the plasma TV category fell 17 percent in terms of units from calendar year 2011 to 2012.

“There is no question that the plasma TV category is challenged by the LCD-LED category, but the reality is that the plasma TV category is still very much alive and staying in the game with well-priced 60in and 50in HD1080p models, which from CY 2011 to CY 2012 posted ASP increases of 18 percent and 23 percent respectively,” said Quixel Research’s principal Tamaryn Pratt.

In the view of Pratt, the question becomes whether plasma TVs will become a niche in the HDTV market or will plasma TV makers decide to close up shop. Last year was the first that the category recorded an annual decline in terms of units. However, she added that 2012 won’t be the last year plasma TVs will be on the market.