LA Post House Speeds Up Production With Avid Adrenaline

LA Digital Post in Los Angeles recently purchased 20 Avid Media Composer Adrenaline systems to enhance its HD offline business.

In June, the company, which has two facilities in Los Angeles and one in New York City, acquired 10 Windows-based Adrenaline systems and 10 Mac-based systems; both were outfitted with Avid DNxHD 36 and Avid ScriptSync platforms. The systems were used for HD offline creative services for such productions as “Damages” on the FX Network, “The Contender 3,” a reality TV series on ESPN, X-Games coverage, also on ESPN, as well as the feature film “Rush Hour 3.”

Avid’s new DNxHD 36 (for 36 Mbps) codec targets productions needing high-quality HD offline editing from progressive sources and LA Digital Post CEO and president Gary Migdal thinks the high resolution capabilities of DNxHD 36 will enhance offline HD workflows and production demands.

“We expect demand for HD offline codecs like DNxHD 36 to explode,” Migdal said. “By working with higher image quality, editors have a better approximation of their final deliverable, which translates into more creative control and time savings in the editing suite. Additionally, as acquisition with 2K and 4K cameras becomes more practical, HD will become the natural proxy for those resolutions. We expect AvidDNxHD to play a key role in enabling HD workflows across the post pipeline by managing file size and substantially lowering storage costs. With this in mind, all of our Media Composer Adrenaline systems are outfitted with the DNxcel card for DNxHD encoding, and these systems now account for about half of our Avid offline rental fleet.”