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KVOS Selects Clear Channel Center for Master Control

KVOS-TV has selected the Clear Channel TV operations center in Tulsa, Okla. to handle master control for the station.

The independent station, which serves Bellingham, Wash. and Vancouver, British Colombia, joins UPN and Fox affiliates in Tulsa as clients of Clear Channel's TOC. The TOC assumes master control duties and handles all technical operations of a station while several states away.

Sonny Hollingshead, chief engineer and chief technology officer for CCTV sees the move as a cost-saving measure. "Depending on the station there can be anywhere from five to 10 people involved in master control operations," he said. "That's a big cost savings for any station operator to not have to deal with that overhead."

Additionally, CCTV's TOC is expected to announce a fourth station coming online by the end of the first quarter 2006.