KVHF 4.1 Launches New Program Guide

FRESNO, CALIF. – On Thursday, June 11, digital channel KVHF 4.1 viewers were greeted with a new program guide service to offer an easy way to get local program information. The feature-packed on-screen program guide lists all local over-the-air channels, offering program listings of free digital TV channels that update in real-time.

The Ventura Broadcasting Company, who owns KVHF 4.1, has signed a multi-year contract with Display Systems International to provide the new scrolling program guide. In addition to offering details on TV programs, viewers can also check local time and weather forecasts from the National Weather Service via KVHF 4.1. Audio from Biz Talk Radio will also be streamed from the channel, focusing on business related programming such as sales & marketing, management, finance and work-life balance.