Kulabyte and On2 Technologies announce encoding license

On2 Technologies, a provider of video compression software, and Kulabyte, a specialist in audio and video processing technologies, have announced a licensing agreement for On2 VP6 compression schemes to enable live and on-demand encoding, used by Adobe Flash Player 8 and 9, to Kulabyte for its new Professional Encoding Suite. The advantages of faster encoding are particularly desirable for time sensitive content such as news, sports and live broadcasting.

On2 VP6 compression schemes offer end users the ability to achieve significantly faster encoding speeds for the Flash video format, which is rapidly becoming a dominant format for video on the Web.

Kulabyte said its Professional Encoding Suite was a multicore encoding system that achieved faster encoding speeds and higher quality video at lower bit rates than standard encoding solutions.

Kulabyte offers two-pass variable bit rate (VBR) encoding in both live and/or on-demand broadcasting, which enables media companies to realize superior picture quality, faster encoding speeds and optimized bandwidth use.

For more information, visit www.kulabyte.com/.