K-Tek Unveils Tripod Mount Case for iPhone4/4S

VISTA, CALIF.: K-Tek debuts the K-Tek Tripod Mount Case for the iPhone4/4S, which turns the smartphone into a professional camera, ready to accept a range of both K-Tek’s innovative video accessories as well as professional tripods.

Regardless of how revolutionary the iPhone is, it still handles like a phone, K-Tek says. The smartphone has no way to attach to popular camera support tools like tripods, poles, sliders and accessory cages, and hand holding the phone can produce shaky shots and often ties up both hands, the company says.

To get around those limitations, K-Tek designed the K-Tek tripod mount case that features two threaded aluminum 1/4x20-mounting points, enabling the smartphone to attach to many K-Tek tools and allowing both horizontal and vertical mounting, the company says.

-- Government Video