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Ktech introduces 36-channel GigE decoder

At NAB2004, Ktech Telecom, a provider of digital broadcast and digital cable technologies, launched its new 36 channel GigE SD decoder product (Model No: DVM-2000).

The DVM-2000 is a 36-channel simultaneous multiple decoder with the ability to handle SD DTV signals, MP@ML, MP@LL and SP@ML 4:2:0 MPEG-2 video specifications.

Housed in a 2RU hot-pluggable chassis, the unit takes in GigE fiber optic cable in Tx/Rx configuration and offers 36 simultaneous video and audio (L and R) outputs.

Ktech’s DVM-2000 offers high-density MPEG-2 video and audio decoding capability and is useful in all-digital CATV headend applications for delivery of digital video signals over fiber optic cables.

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