KRNV Upgrades Reno Facilities With Nverzion

SALT LAKE CITY—KRNV, the NBC-affiliated station in Reno, Nev., has upgraded its facilities to include the latest Nverzion hardware platform to complement the station's current Nverzion playout automation software system. The upgrade allows KRNV to implement a new Windows 7 operating system, and experience more precise control over equipment on the network for overall improved facility workflow.

Part of Intermountain West Communications Company, KRNV has used Nverzion technology since 2003. Nverzion automation was a key component in the station's transition to HD in 2006, and combined with an Omneon media server, the Nverzion system has provided KRNV with a stable, reliable system capable of delivering master control commercial and program playout for five independent on-air transmission channels. The recently completed automation hardware upgrade ensures long-term compatibility with the playout servers.

The Nverzion upgrade included the latest Ethernet Machine Control (EMC) hardware/software solution to enable management and control of all the system elements via a network-based protocol that links the operator to the workflow. The EMC allows multiple applications to utilize any machine in the network and each EMC can control up to 16 devices.

"We have been using equipment from Nverzion for more than seven years now and the solution has proven to be exactly what we needed: an extremely stable system capable of delivering our product to air non-stop with great reliability," said John Finkbohner, operations manager at KRNV. "The Nverzion team has always patiently listened to our requests and worked with us collaboratively to develop and implement the solutions that would work best for us."