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Kramer launches picture-in-picture image inserter

Kramer Electronics unveiled its new PIP-500 picture-in-picture inserter at NAB2004.

The PIP-500 allows the insertion of one video format over another video format, whether it be a Y/C input over that of a composite video input or a Y/C input over another Y/C input. The PIP-500 allows sources on the screen to be sized and positioned as desired. The user can put a text label and a border around each inserted picture.

The unit can be used with sources of different standards. For example, a PAL Y/C input can be inserted into an NTSC composite source and output in composite Y/C and component formats.

Control of the PIP-500 is via front-panel buttons and a user-friendly LCD display, as well as via RS-232. Many unique features are programmed into the unit, such as a motion detector, which can raise an alarm in the event of movement from one of the inputs. 10 bit video A/D and D/A converters are used throughout the unit, to ensure the highest output image quality.

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