Koreasat 5 Scheduled for August 21 Launch

Koreasat 5, a hybrid satellite operating in the SHF, Ka and Ku bands, is scheduled for launch on Aug. 21. The satellite was built by Alcatel Alenia Space in Cannes, France and will be positioned at 113 degrees east longitude.

The joint chiefs of staff of the Korean Armed Forces will operate the military payload, which consists of SHF and Ka-band transponders. Koreasat 5 also contains 36 active Ku-band transponders. KT Corp. will operate 24 Ku-band transponders. Half of these can be switched to regional beams. In addition to providing conventional telecom services to operators in the Asia Pacific region, some transponders will be devoted to digital TV and advanced broadband multimedia services. The remaining 12 Ku-band transponders will be used to replace Koreasat 2 capacity.

Sea Launch will place the satellite into orbit. Additional information and live coverage of the Koreasat 5 launch are available on the Sea Launch Web site on the Current Mission page.