King World purchases Sony’s XDCAM for “Inside Edition”

King World Productions is upgrading the field production and archiving capabilities for its “Inside Edition” program with the purchase of Sony’s XDCAM professional disc system.

Next month, the company will begin using six XDCAM PDW-530 camcorders and more than 60 optical disc recorders between its New York and Los Angeles locations. These XDCAM systems, along with Sony’s PFD-23 professional disc media, will be used for image capture and will serve as an archive medium for preserving images for longer durations.

The XDCAM system’s field editing and transfer of proxy audio and video capabilities were key factors in King World’s decision. Using the included PDZ-1 editing software, reporters and electronic field production crews can do cuts-only laptop-based field editing and browsing of proxy data captured by XDCAM camcorders. This lower-resolution, frame-accurate 2Mb/s, MPEG-4 proxy data can be transferred at up to 50x real time to a studio so producers can immediately begin assembling EDLs while the crew is still in the field.

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