KGW Installs Telemetrics Camera Control System

As part of a multi-million-dollar high-definition upgrade program, KGW television has installed a Telemetrics camera control system to operate both studio and outdoor cameras at its Portland, Ore., facility.

The system is interfaced with four Sony HD cameras and Fujinon remotely controlled lens systems. Two of the camera systems are located outside the building. The station is planning to move its complement of 10 “sky cams” to Telemetrics remote control.

“There were several choices available for different cameras, lenses and other gear, but Telemetrics was the only vendor who could deliver a single system for unified control of the new indoor HDTV cameras and the mix of outdoor HDTV digital and analog cameras,” said Eric Dausman, director of technology at KGW. “It’s obvious that Telemetrics really understands the needs of the marketplace and has the experience to address these kinds of complexities.”

KGW is a Belo-owned NBC affiliate, and was the first in the Portland market to originate local news in HD.