Keynote provides end-user view of media streams

Keynote Systems, headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., has introduced Streaming Perspective 3.0, a new service for measuring, managing and improving the performance and availability of streaming media.

Streaming Perspective 3.0 provides global coverage for measurements of streaming media delivery from nine U.S. and five international locations including New York, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Paris, and Frankfurt.

The new software simulates the behavior of end users from Keynote’s globally distributed infrastructure of measurement computers. It allows customers with Web sites offering streaming and third party streaming providers the ability to understand and optimize the quality of experience (QOE) their viewing and listening audience receives.

Streaming Perspective 3.0 features a real-time Web interface that organizes streaming data so users can quickly understand daily or weekly trends, spot common problems with streaming infrastructure, start and stop tests on demand for powerful diagnostic work and drill down to view packet statistics, trace routes and error codes for each individual measurement.

Using Streaming Perspective, customers can validate their stream quality, ensure the performance of the media server from the end-user perspective during a live event and meet service level agreements (SLA) and other service requirements for performance. Customers can also test and compare the performance of streaming service providers or players and diagnose performance problems before they impact end users.

Keynote’s service measures on-demand content 10 times per hour for one minute from each location, but rate and length of measurement interval can be increased. Live or event-based measurements can be taken for the duration of the event. Keynote’s network of streaming measurement computers connects to streaming sites over T1 lines.

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