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KETV and Devlin Design Turn Train Station into Studio

OMAHA, OKLA.—Omaha’s Burlington Station is a century old train station that once was a key stop in cross country rail trips. Now, it is a center for news for the residents of Omaha as ABC affiliate KETV’s new studio space.

KETV purchased the Burlington Station back in 2013 and commissioned Devlin Design Group to design and construct a modern television station.

Among the set’s new features are nine 55-inch monitors that make up a large storytelling wall, three 65-inch video kiosks, and a 90-inhc monitor for the weather center. The set’s background includes a textured brick wall, columns mimicking the building’s limestone exterior, all of which are incorporated with RGB LED backlit walls for specific color changes. The set is ringed with soffit inspired by the train station platform and features floor graphics that emulate train tracks.

KETV is now broadcasting from its new studio.