Kenneth Copeland Ministries Chooses Ross Video Technology

IROQUOIS, ONTARIO— Kenneth Copeland Ministries of Fort Worth, Texas, has deployed a full suite of Ross Video solutions as part of its 53-foot HD production truck that it uses to broadcast the organization’s “Believers of Victory” program worldwide. The company’s Vision Switcher, XPression Realtime Motion Graphics System, BlackStorm playout server and openGear terminal equipment are an integral part of the truck’s HD workflow.

“Vision and XPression enable us to seamlessly and professionally produce our daily and weekly in-studio shows on campus, at church events a mile up the road or in more remote locations throughout the country – all from one mobile control room,” said Kelley Hemphill, senior technical purchasing agent for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. “This dual-purpose fixed and mobile production unit delivers the message of our Mission from wherever our ministers are speaking. The openGear terminal equipment was a key component in making the best use of the truck’s space with new and existing technologies and affords us the opportunity to expand if and when we need to.”

The Ross Vision Switcher offers the feature set required to produce intensive graphics and HD transition effects. The switcher’s combination of production power and compact rack frame make it ideal for the ministry’s mobile applications, and the XPression Realtime Motion Graphics System provides power and simplicity to create graphics and animations clips.