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KCSM-TV Boosts Omneon Storage System

KCSM-TV, located in San Mateo, Calif., has expanded its video storage and processing platform with the addition of several Omneon devices, including a MediaDeck server, MediaGrid active storage system and additional channels for the station’s existing Omneon Spectrum server. The implementation was performed as part of the station’s efforts to migrate away from a videotape-based operation.

“As a college-owned station, KCSM is focused on the need to do more with less, even while meeting viewers' demand for premium broadcast content,” said Michele Muller, director of engineering at KCSM-TV. “The expansion of our Omneon media storage and processing platform has allowed us to meet both these goals, enabling us to take advantage of the cost and time efficiencies of file-based production and to make a smart, smooth shift to HD.”

The Omneon enhancements to the station’s Spectrum server have also allowed it to establish a high-definition service without purchasing a new video server system.

KCSM-TV began operations as originally a student training facility, and today, while engaged in full time broadcasting activities with a professional staff, still serves as a training facility for students enrolled in the Broadcasting Arts Department at the College of San Mateo.