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JML streamlines with PlayBox playout

PlayBox Technology has been working with London-based shopping channel JML to expand and transform its multichannel playout operation. Following years of evolution at JML, the PlayBox Technology playout system is a custom designed workflow solution that streamlines and extends JML’s on-air capabilities.

PlayBox has supplied a complete integrated automation and playout workflow. It includes CaptureBox ingest, which passes material to the RAID-protected central media store from which AirBox systems load and play the media to air, and SafeBox media manager, which interprets playlists and orchestrates the flow of media all the way though to playout, making sure the right material is ready in the correct AirBox at the right time.

The new PlayBox solution provides for seven channels, up from the three on-air in 2007. Additional PlayBox capabilities allow changes to the overall JML workflow that includes the production of the infomercials — the mainstay of JML’s on-air content. With PlayBox TitleBox as a part of the ingest chain, the text and graphics, which are a vital part of the infomercials, are generated and inserted prior to the media going to air.

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