J.F. Broadcasting Adopts Harris Processor System

Sioux Falls, S.D.-based J.F. Broadcasting has recently adopted the DTP-300 Digital Turnaround Processor from Harris Corp. to streamline insertion of local material into encoded network feeds carried by two of its television stations.

The DTP-300 allows broadcasters to insert commercials, local announcements and other material into an encoded stream without having to decode back to baseband SDI and re-encoding.

“The DTP-300 is a very economical way to handle the insertion of local content into the network feeds carried by our stations,” said Jim Simpson, J.F. Broadcasting’s president and CEO. “As we roll out our secondary DTV channels, the DTP-300 system’s automated insertion capabilities will expand with our needs and become even more indispensable to us. The system gives us the opportunity to expand our on-air product and advertising revenue without increasing our manpower and operating costs.”

The Harris unit features an on-board server with a running playlist that works in tandem to insert pre-encoded material into the compressed network stream. It also allows stations to fully comply with EAS regulations in connection with insertion of crawls, overlayed messages and audio switchovers for all SD and HD streams being transmitted. Static and animated channel branding capability in encoded streams is also provided.