IQ Digital Goes Tapeless With Ikegami Editcam

Akron, Ohio-based iQ Digital has chosen Ikegami's DNS-33W Editcam3 high-performance ENG/EFP camera.

Introduced more than 10 years ago, Ikegami's Editcam is now in its third generation with the DNS-33W Editcam3, a 2/3 inch 520,000-pixel AIT (Advanced Interline Transfer) CCD camcorder that features retro loop, intelligent recording and time lapse recording. Editcam records to either hard drive FieldPak or solid-state RAMPak media. Editcam's 80 GB FieldPak2 can record six hours of DV25 digital video, with DV50 and IMX formats available as options.

IQ Digital, which specializes in video over IP, said the Editcam3 has a crisp, broadcast-quality look and highly flexible controls. The company said it chose Ikegami's new camera for its tapeless workflow efficiencies, which help save time and the bottom line by reducing the need to buy, archive and store tape.

"Not only does that eliminate the significant time expenditure we used to have for digitizing footage, it also helps us reduce our overall project-cycle time. By getting rid of the digitizing step with Editcam, iQ Digital is able to move directly into editing and other key processes," said Marcus May, general manager of iQ Digital.

Developed with Avid Technology (opens in new tab), Editcam provides instant editing on all Avid NLEs.