IPTV subscriptions to grow at 32 percent annually, says ABI Research

Riding on the emerging wave of high-speed broadband connectivity and the evolution of business and user requirements, television is no longer what it used to be.

Interactive, bi-directional television is increasing at the expense of legacy formats, according to new pay-TV market data from ABI Research.

The trend, propelled by growth in high-speed broadband connectivity and evolving user and business needs, will help the number of IPTV subscribers to grow by an estimated 32 percent annually over the next six years to nearly 79 million globally by the end of 2014.

Satellite and cable TV are among the oldest and most important pay-TV platforms in many countries, and they are likely to retain their footholds in those markets for some time. However, their growth rates will slow as IPTV gets up to speed, according to the market research firm.

Some telecoms are deploying high-speed access networking technologies to challenge satellite and cable operators, said ABI Research industry analyst Serene Fong. IPTV usage will be robust as prices of high-speed broadband fall and more users start adopting multimedia services.

While ABI Research expects to see momentum for telco TV grow in the coming years, it is unlikely to replace cable and satellite pay TV immediately, said Fong.

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