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IPlay3 group offers “triple-play” service platform

NetCentrex, an enabler of converged voice-video-data networks; Envivio, a provider of MPEG-4 and H.264 broadcast and streaming products; and Highdeal, a provider of pricing, rating and settlement solutions for digital services, have announced the formation of the IPlay3 Consortium. The consortium will deliver a “triple play” of digital video, voice and broadband Internet services to homes.

IPlay3 merges VoIP, IP-TV, IP-VOD and pricing technologies into a single, integrated platform for service providers. “Service providers can now use a single transport infrastructure to carry voice, video and data to their subscribers,” said Julien Signes, president and CTO of Envivio. “Through advanced H.264 video compression, HDTV and video on demand are delivered to subscribers through the IP network, enabling the service provider to better leverage the bandwidth delivered to the home.”

Subscribers use an access portal to choose interactive services with self-care, self-provisioning features. With the service provider delivering all services over a single network infrastructure, the subscriber will receive all multimedia IP services from a single source with a single bill.

The companies said the IPlay3 architecture anticipates future interactive voice-video applications that will be required by gaming, security, telemedicine, telework, e-learning and other applications.

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