Insiders Preview gives users close-up first look of debut products

The HD EXPO this year at the Universal City Hilton in Universal City, CA, on Nov. 2 will provide a more accessible, face-to-face opportunity for filmmakers and other industry professionals to see demonstrations of new products and technologies.

At the Insiders Preview, attendees will be able to get a hands-on look at some of the newest technologies, many of which are making their worldwide or U.S. debuts, from companies including Canon, 1 Beyond, ARTBEATS, JVC, Fujinon and Panasonic, among others.

Also at the HD EXPO will be panels and workshops, including “American Cinematography Case Study: The Black Dahlia” with Vilmos Zsigmond; “The Camera Crew,” a discussion about the role of cinematographers in TV production; and “High-End Technology and the Summer Blockbuster,” an editing-room look at the summer’s biggest movies, sponsored by American Cinema Editors.

The HD EXPO is free with early registration and features a full exhibit area with industry-leading exhibitors.

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