Inside the April Issue of TV Technology

(Image credit: Future)

As the coronavirus has literally brought daily life to a halt worldwide, forcing people indoors, viewers are turning to television, with viewership rates skyrocketing. Like 9/11, this crisis has brought television to the forefront as people use the medium to stay up to date on the latest developments and entertain themselves to relieve the boredom and uncertainty.

Read more about how the coronavirus is impacting the TV industry, and the rest of our April issue content, online, or you can download as a PDF to read offline.

Here’s a taste at some of the other stories available in the issue:

ATSC 3.0: NextGen TV Receivers Not Ready for Consumers

There is now a smattering of TV stations in the U.S. transmitting ATSC 3.0—but how many viewers are watching.

AI: The Impact of AI/ML on TV Production and Playout

Trend alert: Artificial intelligence/machine learning is becoming an integral part of the total TV production/playout process.

Also in this Issue:

A Simple Guide to Formats and Codecs

Mixing Consoles—Beyond the Capture

User Reports—Cameras, Camera Support, Lighting & Batteries