InfoValue, Allin Interactive form partnership for cruise ship video

Cruise lines are replacing heavy on-board coax cable networks with single IP networks.
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InfoValue Computing has partnered with Allin Interactive, a provider of guest-entertainment technologies for the cruise industry, to deploy InfoValue’s QuickVideo software on several major cruise lines. The partnership will enhance numerous TV-based guest services on cruise ships.

Cruise lines are replacing their heavy on-board coax cable networks with a single IP network, according to Doug Tempero, managing director at Allin Interactive. InfoValue's QuickVideo server provides a video-streaming platform for Allin to integrate as part of the new on-ship networks.

Beginning early 2007, Allin will deploy the QuickVideo server as part of its iTV solution on several cruise lines. The servers will support video streaming and multicasting of many of Allin's in-cabin TV services, such as movies on demand, gaming, information on shore excursions and targeted guest surveys.

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