Infographic portrays leading ‘seeders,’ ‘leechers’ of digital piracy

Irdeto went to the just-concluded IBC2012 conference and exhibition in Amsterdam to tout its new comprehensive online piracy monitoring and enforcement service.

To draw attention to the new service and the scope of the how widespread digital content piracy actually is, the company published an infographic titled, “Digital Piracy Report: Where are Seeders Putting Down Roots?

The Irdeto infographic identifies two main groups of “casual pirates:” those who upload and share pirated content, called “seeders;” and those who download and consume that content, who are called “leechers.” According to Irdeto, the former poses a more serious threat to content owners than the latter.

“Seeders are the more dangerous of the two, taking an active role in nurturing the digital piracy epidemic and contributing to lost revenue for studios and rights holders,” says the infographic.

The graphic ranks the G8 nations based on each country’s ratio of seeders to leechers. According to Irdeto, France leads while Russia is last with the smallest ratio of seeders to leechers. The United States ranked fourth.

When considered from the point of view of piracy propagators to the overall population, Gibraltar, Israel and Monaco topped the list of seeders, while Barbados, Antigua-Barbuda and the Cayman Islands headed the list of leechers.