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Cable-ready TVs meet high-definition television viewing. Pioneer Electronics plans to merge the two common TV functions in a new series of plasma televisions that cones with built-in NTSC tuning, ATSC tuning and digital cable tuning. The move is part of a larger strategy to expose television consumers to high-definition viewing to drive word-of-mouth enthusiasm about HD technology.

“When consumers see high-definition television, they want it. Our industry needs to make it easier to access,” said Tom Haga, president of Pioneer Electronics. “With their ability to bring local high-definition broadcast content into the home, cable operators have tremendous influence with the consumer. And high-definition, cable-ready TVs are the final piece to the puzzle to enable consumers to make the leap to HD.”

In addition, consumers will receive cable programming including premium channels through a CableCard interface which will not require a separate cable set-top box.

The first generation digital cable-ready plasma TV will be available in mid-2004.

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