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IneoQuest Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz, Singulus G1-T, DVM, IP, MPEG-2, measurement

IneoQuest Technologies and Rohde & Schwarz have entered into a technology partnership whereby IP and MPEG-2 measurement solutions will be combined.

The IP test technology from IneoQuest and the MPEG-2 analysis from Rohde & Schwarz complement each other, especially when video-on-demand applications are monitored. Users will benefit from an overall solution for parallel quality analysis of the IP path and the MPEG-2 datastream.

With video transmission over IP networks, two crucial factors determine quality: The IP path must offer sufficient resources for secure transmission, and the MPEG-2 data itself must be free of errors.

Singulus G1-T from IneoQuest is an efficient solution for IP QoS control. With its DVM system, Rohde & Schwarz provides unrivalled MPEG-2 quality measurement technology.

When the Singulus G1-T operating software installed on the DVM100, the latter combines all measured value displays. The Rohde & Schwarz system is thus an efficient platform for monitoring video-on-demand applications.

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