Industry Leaders Form HD Multimedia Interface Working Group

A number of consumer electronics manufacturers have formed a working group to define the specifications of a proposed High-Definition Multimedia Interface for consumer electronics products. The HDMI will combine HD video and multichannel audio in one digital interface for use with future versions of products such as DTVs, DVD players, set-top boxes and others.

Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi, Thomson, Toshiba and Silicon Image are members of the group, which will build on the current Digital Video Interface standards. An advantage HDMI will have over analog A/V interfaces is that its uncompressed digital format can transfer signals without processing or degrading them. It will also use a small, single connector that avoids a maze of analog cables and can be used with portable products like digital camcorders. HDMI will also use the interoperability standards created by the Consumer Electronic Association in EIA/CEA-861x to ensure that the best video format is always sent from source to display. It will support many of the capabilities of the interoperability protocol used in Europe.