Indie film tackles 3-D with RED EPIC cameras

Offhollywood is providing equipment, crews, workflow and post services for the 3-D feature "Hellbenders," an independent feature film that will be shot with RED EPIC cameras.

Offhollywood supplied the cameras along with the new ATOM rig from Element Technica and worked closely with VFX firm The Molecule to develop a streamlined, 4K stereo 3-D visual effects pipeline for the production.

Offhollywood and The Molecule have worked together on numerous projects, and their efficiency stems from their familiarity with each other and The Molecule's ability to leverage its powerful render farm to output 2K and 4K with ease. Involvement in early stereoscopic tests also has given the company a large bag of stereo 3-D VFX tricks for "Hellbenders."

A longstanding relationship with Element Technica gave Offhollywood early access to the 3-D ATOM rig, a lightweight 3-D camera platform designed from the ground up for the RED EPIC. The ATOM takes full advantage of the EPIC's small form factor while still accommodating full-sized PL and PV primes, as well as smaller zooms, to provide a full 5K-3-D beam-splitter system weighing as little as some 35mm camera systems.

"Hellbenders," written and directed by JT Petty, is based on his soon-to-be-published graphic novel and stars Clifton Collins Jr., Clancy Brown, Dan Fogler and Andre Royo as an elite crew of demonologists.