Impact Video adds Daktronics scoreboard to mobile fleet

Impact Video has added a 10th trailer-mounted Daktronics LED video display to its fleet of mobile systems.

The new screen, using Daktronics 23mm ProStar technology, measures approximately 22ft by 30ft and is identical to the largest Illuminator system in Impact Video’s fleet of 10. The system contains a full on-board control room with preview monitoring and switching capability that supports most video playback formats. Additional capabilities include multicamera packages, real-time data interfacing and scoring feeds and graphics production.

The new system was delivered in March 2007 and was immediately put to work on several high-profile sporting events.

HD-ready ProStar technology uses up-to-date full-color LED technology to present live and recorded video images, colorful animation and vivid graphics with a high degree of brightness and wide-angle visibility. The control system on Impact Video’s new trailer-mounted display incorporates Daktronics Venus and V-Play controllers and V-Link video processor.

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