I-Movix slows down action for Olympics replays

Belgium-based I-Movix will provide its SprintCam Live V2, an extreme slow-motion camera that captures from 250fps to 8000fps in HD, for coverage of the Olympic Games in Beijing this August. The company will have several engineers on-site during the games for technical support.

SprintCam Live V2 delivers high-quality extreme slow-motion images. The strength of SprintCam Live V2 is its ability to capture HD/SD video with high light sensitivity, flexibility and reliability and the speed of solid-state file-based real-time recording.

The camera system offers 100, 200 and 400 percent replay speeds without delay; HD-SDI output and clipping on EVS LSM servers; SMPTE fiber-optics interface; B4, PL, C, and F lens mounts; remote recording from the mobile production truck; an OCP control panel that provides iris control, framerate selection; white balance, black balance, gamma control, gain control and knee control; and a slow-motion remote with new features.

For more information, visit http://www.i-movix.com/v4/.