Imagine Supplies Cambodia Station With Automation Tools

HONG KONG—A new Cambodian private terrestrial channel, PNN TV, has announced that it has selected Imagine Communications to provide it with network and playout technology. The recently acquired system delivers full automation for the station’s newsroom and master control room.

The system is made up of Imagine’s ADC automation system, the Nexio Ingest Suite and Nexio Motion content management system. Integrated with a newsroom computer system from Octopus, the ADC and Nexio systems offer editorial collaboration and aim to reduce human error. PNN TV has also incorporated a Nexio broadcast graphics system for live and real-time production graphics.

There is also the Selenio 6800+ core processing and distribution platform working PNN TV’s production workflow. In addition, the Selenio X5 and Selenio X100 have been added to deliver frame synchronization and conversion, with signal distribution support from Platinum routers and multiviewers, while Nexio AMP integrated servers enable automated ingest and output of broadcast content. Videotek test and audio signals are present to measure and analyze signal stability.

PNN TV is located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh and features a staff of more than 300.