Imagine MCR and Playout System Arrives in Thailand

HONG KONG—RS Thailand is a privately held entertainment company that operates a digital TV channel and three satellite channels throughout the country. In an effort to boost future expansion, the company recently added an Imagine Communications centralized master control room (MCR) and news playout system, which includes full workflow automation.

Nexio AMP

The new playout and MCR system features a range of Imagine networking and playout equipment that work together under the control of an ADC automation system. The system includes the Selenio 6800+ core processing and distribution platforms, which provides a hub where signals can move across both the newsroom and the MCR, and the SelenioFlex File file-to-file media processing unit that blends transcoding and workflow capabilities across the newsroom.

The Platinum VX and MX routers and multiviewers were installed to support signal routing, distribution and monitoring requirements. Meanwhile, the Nexio AMP video server and Imagine’s online storage provide central storage for ingest, asset management and playout, supported by Nexio Motion for media management that creates automated process to move and manage media between platforms. Both the ADC and Nexio server are integrated with an established newsroom computer system to minimize human error and support editorial collaboration.

In addition, the Velocity PRX proxy editor has been added to the newsroom for frame-accurate editing. Imagine technology for branding and on-air graphics, and test and measurement devices are also now available for RS Thailand.