Illinois broadcaster adds new playout servers for three stations

The stations are relying on the 360 Systems MAXX 2400 servers to store and playout all commercials as well as half of their program content

Chief engineer Scott Washburn's transmitter sites are 100mi apart, so he programs full-power repeaters. He braved relocating one of the stations to a new facility 40mi away during November sweeps — with a staff of three.

Each of the Illinois stations — WRSP-TV, the FOX affiliate in Springfield; WCCU-TV, the FOX affiliate in Urbana/Champaign; and WBUI-TV, the CW affiliate in Decatur — is powered by a 360 Systems MAXX 2400 server. The three servers are configured to provide mutual backup and are controlled by a Sundance Digital automation system. Washburn currently uses the servers to store and playout all commercials and half of the program content.

The MAXX 2400s replaced two outdated video servers. The new servers were custom-built and needed to be delivered in two weeks to meet the scheduled move of WBUI. The servers arrived ahead of schedule.

Washburn now has all three MAXX 2400s integrated with a single Telestream TrafficManager system, and content ingest is fully automated. The staff ingests 50 shows each day in real time and runs 30 playlists.

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